Friday, May 16, 2008

Wynn Casino in Macau's Tree of Fortune

This is basically a show that the hotel have put on. It centre at one of the hallway in the hotel which is also a side entrance of the casino.

It started out with the top of the roof being totally covered with the 12 animals of the chinese calendar. The floor is the globe of the world.
When the show starts, the surrounding area will be darkened and music will start playing...the roof will slowly opened up and a graphic show will start.

The show continues till it will break into two screens.

And a big chandelier comes down.
After this, the globe on the floor breaks into half and surprise.

The tree of fortune appears....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Macau Tower

One of the tallest building in Macau which you basically can see everything in the surrounding area. There is totally 61 story high. There are two levels which you can get access to - level 59 and level 61.

Level 59 is basically an air condition platform. There is even an area which there is a see through floor which you are able to see the floor. Very scary....

On the 61st floor there is also another platform which we are able to get out. There are a lot of outdoor activities that are being catered for - bungy jumping, walking out on the platform, etc...

The view from the top is spectacular...

St Paul Ruins

I guess there is not much that needs to explain abt this place. Its a classic pic for all the Macau's post card. You will first have to get the the centre which is the pic below to get to St Paul Ruins.

From here we will just require to walk up the street to reach the ruins. Its still quite magnificent as compared to the first time I seen it. From there on, there is just basically shopping leading up to the ruins. Shops shops shops right up the the ruins.

I guess the facade is still in quite good condition. You basically can climb to the second floor to take picture but i guess for me, there is no need cos i think that the pic will then be too small to be nice.

The emblems of the Olympic is clearly shown on both sides of the garden going to the top of the ruins. This is cos the Olympic torch relay have just pass through Macau a few days ago and they have yet to remove all the decorations.

There is also a underground museum behind the ruins. Its call the museum of sacred art. It consists of the bones of the pastors that used to store underneath the ruin before i think. There weren't much descriptions in the museum to decribe what is in there....

Kun Iam Ecumenial Centre

This is basically a statue of Kun Iam at the bay of Macau.

There is two stories under the foot of the statue that serves as a Contemplation room and a small library and polyvalent Room ( normally used for conference, exhibitions and film screening etc ) on the basement of the statue.
It also show how it all begin ( the start of the building of this statue right till the end ). Surprisingly, this statue was built by a caucasian artist ( female ).
They even have a small statue inside the building as below:::

Macau May 2008

Went to Macau on 8th May. Got this fare for a very cheap price. The whole airplane flight was for RM351 per person ( including tax ).

First impression of Macau - airport very small - similar size to that of the one in Senai.

Took a small bus to town and then went to check into the hotel that we have booked into, Metropark Hotel. Quite big and nice room....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wise Words Of Wisdom

Was watching Ewan Almighty on the weekend.

Came across some words of Wisdom in the show that i feel most people should know..

When you pray for Happiness, does God give you happiness or the opportunity to be happy
When you pray for money, does God give you money or the opportunity to be make money

These words seems not to mean anything but when you really think about it, its always the opportunities that we were given and most people does not take advantage of these opportunities

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bangkok Trip

I guess this is the worst bangkok trip that i had - or rather worst experience ....
Everything on the first day was a disaster...
Disaster 1
I went over to Singapore at 9.00 am thinking that i will catch my 12.20pm flight. So I started in Jb and had it all planned out...I was thinking by going at this time..i will just basically go to the airport once i reach singapore and then head over to the Budget terminal at 11.30pm. So basically, that day, i reach the airport at 10.30am and headed to Burger King as i am quite famished ..i stayed at the fast food chain till 11.20 and went down to the basement to catch the bus to the Budget Terminal...
Just as i was about to exit the terminal, i had a check on my flight,....and its written 12.10pm...20 min earlier than my timing...i started to panic and look at my boarding pass and i notice that DAMN....i saw wrongly....damn....i tried to calm myself down and i was waiting in the bus and looking at the terms and conditions of the ticket. I notice that there is a clause in the terms and conditions of the flight that i need to be the gates will be closed 45 min before the flight...PANICCCC.......arghhhhhh.....what should i do? what should i do???? No choice lo....have to face the music....and go to the terminal and grovel.....kekekekeke.....
When i got there, the counter was actually closed and i went to another counter and ask for a check in. Luckily the lady in the counter just checked me in without my hassle....and boy, i was actually rushing through the customs to get to my flight....and yes, i managed to board the plane....last one to enter actually.... ( to be continue )

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Masquerade Ball 2007 ( Part 2 )

Some pics from the ball
Best Dressed Female nominee

Best Dressed Male Nominees..